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Successful Prosecution of Case Against Bank

Practice Area:
Contracts and agreements

A settlement of $300,000, virtually the entire amount demanded by our client.

Our client entered into an oral agreement in which the Bank agreed to pay him a percentage of money that our client was able to recover for the Bank on a bad account. Ultimately, our client recovered a substantial amount of money for the Bank, but the Bank then denied that it had ever entered into such an agreement. The Bank denied that it had received a fax confirmation from our client confirming the oral agreement. However, through the discovery process, we were able to prove that the Bank was wrong, and that our client was entitled to his fee. At mediation, we demanded that the Judge order the president of the bank to a second mediation, which he did. The defendant's were stunned by that ruling since the Bank was a European bank, and the president resided in Europe. The Bank promptly settled with our client.

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