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Lloyd Mann featured on Real Estate Radio LA With Gil Azcarate

Lloyd Mann comments on "Forever 21 Sued by Jewelry Designer"

Los Angeles jewelry company Christie Martin Designs Inc. filed suit Nov. 17 in Los Angeles Superior Court against the fast-fashion retailer Forever 21. The suit from the Hollywood-based designer alleges the retailer took part in trademark infringement and unfair trade practices against the company.

Real Estate Brokers Now Have Greater Duty to Warn of Risks

Often, clients ask us whether or not their real estate broker should have warned them of a particular hazard prior to their having completed the purchase of a home. Sometimes, our response is that in that particular situation, the broker/agent did not have the duty to warn the bu...

How To Prepare For Your Deposition

You are in a lawsuit. You are either the plaintiff or the defendant. One of the most important parts of your lawsuit is when the other side takes your deposition. How you do at your deposition could determine the outcome of your case. Other than showing up on time, what else should you do to prepare?

Important Tips for Keeping Attorney Fees Down in Lawsuits

You have just been sued and you know that you will need an attorney to represent you. Or, you have an important legal right to pursue, and you need to retain an attorney to represent you in that lawsuit. However, you want and need to avoid being financially devastated by attorney fees.

Important Tips for Working With Your Attorney

You have retained an attorney. The relationship between you and your attorney is about as important a relationship as you can have. However, many people have reported that they have had negative experiences with attorneys. Working together with your attorney can eliminate or reduce bad experiences.

What to Expect in a Lawsuit

Numerous people become involved in a lawsuit every day. Some people who become involved in a lawsuit are there because they have decided to sue someone or some entity. Others become involved because they have, unfortunately, been sued. Now that you are in a lawsuit, what is next?

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