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“Most Exemplary Lawyer - We came to Mr. Lloyd Mann after total frustration from our previous lawyer and that was the best decision we had taken. His dedicated, diligent and excellent work with exemplary and brilliant vision had resulted us winning the case after tough fight with the most adamant plaintiff. He is extremely patient and understanding who will study your case with empathy and fight for you intelligently and aggressively. The finest and the best attorney in town.  Jeeti”


“I've know Lloyd for over fifteen years. His active participation and advice has elevated him, in my book, as my go to guy whenever I require legal services or advice. He covers the whole spectrum and has represented me in small collection cases, as well as a major cases against International Banks. Needless to say I highly recommend his services.  Michael”


“BEST LAWYER EVER!  Recently, my husband and I went to Mr. Mann with a real estate issue. Two other lawyers had told us the problem was not capable of being resolved. They said that they could try, but that we would have to give them a large retainer, and that they did not think they would be able to resolve the problem. Mr. Mann was not only able to resolve the problem, but he did it in record time. The company representative said that she never thought the issue could be resolved that quickly. My only question is "when does Mr. Mann sleep?" Sometimes it seemed like his email responses to my emails came before I even sent mine in the first place! Anonymous”


“As a client, I had great representation.  My company was being sued by an employment placement company who was claiming that we owed them money. The case did not settle and we had to have a court trial. Lloyd was a great advocate for my company and we won the case. I am indebted to Lloyd for his hard work and commitment to me both professionally and personally. Anonymous”


"I am very proud and glad the way you handled this case and welcomed all my input with patience and understanding and did very diligent and hard work leading to excellent preparations.  JS"


“Thanks so much to you gentlemen. Things are getting back to normal at this address

one step at a time.  MD”


“Thank you for your due diligence and professionalism. RS”


"Yesterday I received the verdict, I won!!! Thank you for all your help expressing myself in court.  I used all your ideas. DH"


“Thank you Lloyd for all the great information.  The tenant has promised to pay. LM”


“Thank you Lloyd your helpful and always communicating with us are very important … JFBA”


“We did it. Thank you Lloyd the MLS and the escrow are now cancelled. GA”


“Thanks so much for all of your assistance. WG”


“Lloyd Mann gets the job done Lloyd S. Mann represented me in a family law case in 2006. I had attempted to resolve the case pro per without success. Then I contacted Lloyd. Within a week, Lloyd succeeded in resolving the case to my benefit. I appreciate the highly effective representation and enthusiastically endorse Lloyd Mann's legal services. Arthur”


“As it turned out, I was mistaken about a issue and therefore didn't have a case to pursue, but Lloyd was kind, knowledgeable, and professional. If the need should ever arise, I would surely contact Mr Mann and would recommend him to both family and friends. I felt comfortable and at ease with my communications with him and felt I could trust him to see that matters would be handled correctly. Terry”


“Attorney Lloyd Mann was extremely knowledgeable and efficient. He returned all of my phone calls and emails promptly. He was very professional and pleasant to work with. I would certainly use his legal services again. Stephanie”


“Responded to my question and answered it promptly. His advice was accurate, I'm pleased with him. Bob”

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