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Pizza Restaurant Chain Investors

Practice Area:

$1,600,000 judgment, including punitive damages, and our clients now own the disputed restaurant.


Our clients invested a substantial amount of money in a well-known Pizza chain restaurant, but were not represented by an attorney at the time, so the investment was not appropriately documented. The manager of the restaurant, who had solicited our clients, used the absence of documentation to exclude our clients from the business, and did not share profits with them despite the fact that the restaurant was extremely successful. At trial, we obtained a large judgment against the restaurant manager who then put the company in a Chapter 11. We then moved our attention to the bankruptcy court where we were able to remove the manager as owner of the company. Finally, our clients were then able to complete the Chapter 11 by having a Chapter 11 Plan confirmed in court, and are now successfully and happily running the restaurant.

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